Parma Eldaliéva Special II

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May 29th, 2021

The new "Parma Eldaliéva Special II" art book is dedicated to the Third Age, the Rings of Power, the death of Isildur and the Tale of Years.
It will be released in July. It has 144 pages of Tengwar Art.

This is the third art book I have completed, after the first "Parma Eldaliéva" and the "Parma Eldaliéva Special I". I am tremendously glad and excited about it! The printing is in time for the 12th Anniversary of the Parma Eldaliéva project this July.

The photos here are of some test pages I ordered with the printers to aid my editorial work & test the materials, and of some of the originals. I hope you enjoy them!

You can preorder it from today until the end of June on a special price at my store:

The number of preorders determines roughly the number of books to be printed. The payment happens at the time of preordering. If any copies are left to offer after the printing their price would be much different from the preorder one.

If you are one of my Patreon supporters - a reward copy for you is ensured. Thank you so much for supporting my art and for helping this book see the light of day!

All the very best!


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